Download Fake Doctors Notes To Use As Excuse Letters For Work Or School

Every time an employee leaves the workplace due to a medical need, the employee is entitled to receive the compensation paid for the day paid. Even though this is a very good right, what happens is that many people end up delivering fake doctors notes. However, sometimes employees use fake doctors excuse statements to benefit from this right, often without acknowledging that this is a criminal act provided by law. It is important to understand that whether you are delivering doctors excuse note for school or for work, if you do deliver anything that is fake you will be responsible, after all it is a crime.

Yes, it is easy to find fakedoctors note template

The official who issues a false doctors excuse note to guarantee the benefit is committing the crime of using a false document, provided by the penal code. The penalty for such an action can amount to two years of detention and fine. The doctor who falsifies the certificate is committing the crime of falsification of medical certificate, provided in the penal code as well, with a penalty of one month to one year of detention. In addition to the arrest and fine an employee who presents a false statement, will be subject to dismissal for a god reason. Even though many people even manage to find printable doctors note on the web and fake stamps to have it delivered to work, it is a crime.

How fake doctors notes can become a police case

However, for this to happen it is necessary for the company to prove that the certificate is indeed false, requesting clarification to the medical authorities so that a medical board invalidates the certificate. Many companies, in an attempt to hinder the delivery of false statements, require that the certificates be filed with the CID (International Code of Diseases). However, only the patient has the power to authorize the disclosure of his ICD, so the company cannot charge the ICD in the printable doctors note without the patient’s authorization, since it is violating the law of professional secrecy, subject to the penalty of detention of three months to one year or fine.

Delivering fake doctors excuse at school can also become troublesome

Many students do not think that delivering fake doctors excuse at school is wrong. In fact, many people even fake such notes at home, by using simple and easy to find doctors note template or ready printable doctors notehowever this is a crime as well. Those who are underage and do this can have their parents be punished, after all this is a crime and children cannot respond for their actions. It is very important, as a parent, to keep an eye out for what the children have been delivering at school. The more care we take to not get in trouble, the better. Therefore, delivering any kind of fake doctors notes is a crime that will be punished.